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In addition to vocational training, Tongue Point Job Corps also provides academic training, including basic reading and math. Courses in independent living, employability skills, and social skills are offered in order to help students transition into the workplace. We also have several academic programs to help our students achieve their full potential.

GED/High School Diploma

One of our top goals at Tongue Point Job Corps is to ensure that every qualified student obtains his or her GED/high school diploma prior to leaving the center. When students arrive at our center, we order official transcripts from their hometown high schools, assess their reading and math skills, and create an individualized plan for earning a GED, a diploma, or both.

We provide full preparation for the state GED exams, which our students take at nearby Clatsop Community College. The five GED exams include Writing Skills, Social Studies, Science, Interpreting Literature and the Arts, and Math. We help also help student master study skills and test-taking strategies. GED students with high scores also earn credit waivers toward their high school diplomas.

Students have the opportunity to earn their high school diplomas at our Tongue Point High School. It is accredited by the Northwest Association of Schools and Colleges and is registered as an alternative school through our local school district. To receive a high school diploma, students must meet academic requirements and complete a career technical training program.

ELL Program

Students needing to learn English can enter our English Language Learning (ELL) program. Students in the ELL program are tested regularly to determine their language proficiency levels. Also, our center maintains an important linkage with nearby Clatsop Community College for free after-hours ELL classes and support for our on-center ELL tutoring program.

Driver's Education

Driver's Education is available to all our students. We have two full-time driver training instructors to help students earn their driver's licenses. Since Tongue Point Job Corps Center is near a state line, we can assist students in obtaining either Oregon or Washington licenses.

Advanced Career Training

We offer Advanced Career Training (ACT) through a full-time college program at Clatsop Community College. Students participate in three classroom sessions in preparation for college enrollment. While enrolled in ACT, students remain on center and enjoy all the privileges of free room and board. To qualify for ACT, a student must have a high school diploma or GED (from our center or an other educational facility) and have successfully completed a career technical training program.

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Page last updated: Friday, September 26, 2008